What keeps us busy…

At PROVITI we continuously strive towards identifying and implementing challenging and value adding concepts which correspond with our strategic focus. Thus, we have successfully built a pipeline of projects along the innovation continuum:

OP “Competitiveness”

Following detailed evaluation, the Contracting Authority of EU Operational Programme “Competitiveness” (BG161PO003-1.1.05), under the procedure “Development of innovations by start-up companies”, approved for financing PROVITI’s project proposal for the development of an immune system boosting bacterial formula with prophylactic and anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive tract. The project will be implemented over the next 24 months.


PROVITI developed a modern, high-quality, efficient probiotic biotechnological product formula with high added value. The product is based on a unique proprietary strain of L.acidophilus Proviti (registered with CCM under CCM8427), that among other probiotic benefits has been proven through in-vitro trials to reduce the serum cholesterol in the human organism. The formula effects are additionally enhanced by combining the probiotic strains (L.acidophilus Proviti ; L.d. bulgaricus; Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus) with a highly effective prebiotic component. The probiotic formula can be delivered in various product forms such as spoonable and drinkable yoghurt, capsules and others. The product is marketed under the proprietary brand Veda Bulgarica.


Further to the approval by PROVITI's Innovation Committee, our R&D team is currently working on projects aiming at finding even more effective solutions to address socially important issues, such as cardiac health, intestinal health and obesity through product concepts targeting blood pressure and cholesterol control, inflammation treatment and protein absorption.